Healthy Eating Habits for Fussy Eaters

Healthy Eating Habits for Fussy Eaters
  1. After six months of age, begin introducing a wide range of foods with different textures and flavors. An early introduction will help a child build better eating habits.
  2. A healthy eating pattern consists of well-spaced food times including three meals and two snacks. These snacks should be healthy, nutrient-dense, and small in quantity. It is prescribed to avoid snacks that are sweet and salty foods. An early introduction may become a lifetime preference.
  3. Essential nutrients come from a balanced diet with foods from different food groups. Get your child involved while choosing a menu for the day.
  4. Ensure your child drinks 3-4 cups of water daily. Do not give fluids one to two hours before mealtime. Between mealtimes, it’s better to let children drink water or diluted juice as a large quantity of juice or milk can block hunger.
  5. Children eat much less than adults. Serve smaller portions of food for children so that they don’t get overwhelmed with the quantity of food they are expected to eat.