How to maintain a healthy weight for your children

How to maintain a healthy weight for your children

Getting a child to eat regularly can be an uphill task for most parents. To top this, having an overweight or underweight kid can pile on a lot more stress in deciding what and how much to feed them. While one may be tempted to keep food away from an overweight kid, we ought to remember that overweight children may be high on fat but now on nutrients. So how does one get around to fixing this issue?

Growth Monitoring

Monitor their growth with the help of a growth monitoring chart. These are available as easy downloads from the internet. This is the best way of tracking your child's growth in weight and height and comparing it with a healthy standard. Any major gaps tracked between your child's recorded numbers and the chart should be brought to the attention of the pediatrician or nutritionist.

Balance the Calories

It can be difficult getting your kid to stay off all the processed and calorie-rich food such as chocolates and ice creams. The best way to prevent them from getting overweight is to ensure they engage in calorie-burning activities that can balance off this intake. Children are advised to participate in 60 minutes of moderate physical activity every day of the week. Some of these simple activities can be brisk walking, jump rope, swimming, football and dancing. Do not encourage sedentary time beyond a maximum of two hours at a stretch including time spent for homework and studies.

Eating with Family

As much as possible, make sure your kids eat along with the rest of the family. Sitting with family at the dinner table helps children pick up good food habits from their elders. Do not allow them to have their meals while watching TV or any gaming activity. Children who do this eventually end up hating food when its served without entertainment and develop poor eating habits Moreover, they are unwilling to try different dishes laid out on the table and turn into picky eaters. It is also important to follow a strict routine and specific time for meals.

When parents worry too much about the food-eating habits of their children, they start micromanaging every morsel of food that goes into their child's mouth. This can make your child miserable and irritated, sometimes causing an aversion to food. So the key is to control the food at the source level - replace all the unhealthy snacks in your kitchen with fruits and nuts. This way your kid has only the healthy options to choose from.