Immunity building for kids – the natural way

Immunity building for kids – the natural way

Why do advertisements for anti-germ products mostly focus on kids? It’s because whether it’s the rapid change in weather or playing in murky water, your little one is susceptible to all kinds of illnesses throughout the year. So the only way to keep them protected is by raising their immunity levels as high as possible.

Keep it Raw

Most Indian cooking methods rob vegetables of their precious nutrients before they are served on the plate. Make sure your kid gets his share of raw salads and fruits. Add sprouts, beetroot, cabbage, onions and pepper to boost immunity the natural way.

More than just play time

The role of physical exercise in immunity building can never be stressed too much. Playing outdoors in the sun also boosts the level of vitamin D in the body, a critical element in building healthy bones. A great way to ensure your kid gets enough of outdoor activity is by being a part of it yourself! Cycling, basketball, trekking and swimming are some of the activities that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Herbal goodness

Indian herbs like Amalaki and Peeyusha are known to improve immunity in kids and can be found in herbal nutritional supplements like Himalaya’s HiOwna. Stir in one or two teaspoons into their daily glass of milk to ward off unwanted flus and colds, and promote their physical and mental growth.

Unplug for better sleep

The right amount and even quality of sleep goes a long way in keeping your kids healthy and strong. Sleeping in a dark, quiet room adds to the quality of sleep, so switch off that night lamp and unplug all electronic devices in the room.