Is Your Child A Fussy Eater?

“Meal times are filled with antics. It’s not cute anymore!”

“How long can it only be noodles?”

“Can’t get them to eat their fruits or vegetables”,

Making nutrition decisions for your child can be stressful. While you worry about the growth and development of your child, remember that their personal growth chart is the right indicator of their health rather than just the number on the weighing machine or height chart.

Here are few suggestions to make your child say yes to food:

  • Building a Natural Appetite:
    It’s important to teach children to recognize the signs of hunger, ask for food and complete a meal. Children will fall into a natural eating pattern that will build a lifelong foundation for healthy eating habits.
  • The Meal Plan:
    Have a food plan to space the consumption of different food groups through the day. Using different coloured vegetables and dressing them up attractively can make it easy for your child to choose healthy.
  • A good role model:
    Do you remember how your father always finished his spinach? Or how your mother always snacked on an apple when she was hungry? We learn food choices from our parents, and so will your children. If you don’t like broccoli, eat a small portion of it. This way your child knows that it’s alright to not like something and still eat a small portion of it because Daddy does it too!

It may be a great idea to add natural supplements powered with herbs for fussy eaters. A combination of Pea protein, Amalaki and Maricha can aid immunity, nutrition, growth and development requirements of a growing child. Pea protein is a well-balanced vegetable source of essential amino acids. Amalaki is rich in Vitamin C and helps to boost immunity. Maricha stimulates taste buds and improves appetite.

Enjoy experimenting and building a healthy eating pattern for your child!