Parenting and Exams – The Do’s and Don’ts

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The alarm clock. The punctual meal provider. The last minute search engine for doubts. Parents take on a variety of roles for their kids when exams are just around the corner. After all, parents know best that even the smallest of efforts can boost the performance of their children in exams. Here are a few, quick do’s and don’ts for parents who’d always want the best for their kids, even during those ‘testing’ times:

Do – Pay attention to your child’s nutrition intake and sleep hours. Make sure she eats healthy and hits the bed early.
Don’t – Allow late night texting and Facebooking that may steal him of his sleep. Staying up late could cause indigestion and anxiety-related issues.
Do – Keep your cool when dealing with your child. He knows it when you’re tensed, and this might affect his ability to recall his lessons.
Don’t – Compare your child’s grades with her friends’, sibling’s or your grades. You might lower her self-esteem and confidence.
Do – Observe your child for stress-related signs. Let her play and take her mind off studies for a while. Reassure her that your love and care is unconditional, and independent of her exam performance.
Don’t – Overhype the importance of examinations in your child’s life. It might cause him to panic.
Do – Listen to him with patience and interest if his performance is bad, and help him do better next time. Give him the space to figure out what works best for him.
Don’t – Lecture, judge or advise her in a condescending manner. Avoid bombarding her with strategies to study.
Do – Pack everything she needs for the exam, the night before.
Don’t – Rush him on the day of the exam.

Like everything else, your child’s academic performance is also a matter of teamwork. It takes love, support and the right coping strategies for kids to sail through the pressure of exams without a scratch.