Secret to a healthy beginning - Colostrum

Secret to a healthy beginning - Colostrum

If you are hearing of Colostrum for the first time or associate it only as the first secretion before breast milk, you have definitely missed out on some vital and exciting information. This ‘biological soup’ endowed with several life-saving and healing properties is no longer exclusively available for babies but you can consume it too. Flowing out of all lactating mammals in the first few days post birth, colostrum has been successfully processed. It has been made available for you to drink as a high-end nutritional and health supplement drink. Endow yourself with this nature’s miraculous health potion to attain your dream health and vigour.

What does colostrum contain?

This early, concentrated yellowish and thick though sometimes watery, fluid is a powerhouse of incredible, immune-balancing agents. Abundant with immunoglobulin, lactalbumin and lacto-protein, colostrum kick starts your child’s immune mechanism. It introduces 95 types of essential compounds in any new born, and plenty of growth factors, oligosaccharides, lipidic and glucidic factors, anti-microbials, cytokines and nucleosides as well.

Do colostrum health supplements benefit you?

We bet you were unaware of the fact that colostrum is a much touted health supplement used by a number of elite performance athletes to burn extra fat, build lean muscle along with increasing stamina and vitality. It is also a powerhouse dietary supplement. Colostrum supplements are normally processed from bovine colostrum simply because they are quite similar to human colostrum but with higher immune factors, fat and protein content. Medical studies also comprehensively indicate that if it is a part of your daily diet, it lends you stupendous benefits. Read on to know why you should include it in your daily diet:

Tremendous boost to your immune function

You might be surprised to know that a lowered and weak immune system is found guilty of causing a plethora of infectious and degenerative diseases. But a colostrum supplement can armour your body with about 100 times more immune-fighting cells than your regular glass of milk. It helps boost your immune system’s strength to surprisingly high levels. The rich content of PRP (Polyproline-rich-Peptides) in the supplement is powerful enough to boost your underactive immune. Additionally, in case you have an overactive immune system in which your body sadly attacks itself, you can trust the supplement to balance out the overactive immune system.

An interesting fact: those who take regular shots of colostrum in recommended doses vouch of no longer suffering from cold or flu! Wouldn’t you love to be a part of that elite team?

Reduce your age by decades with colostrum supplement

Hold your breath! Endowed with growth and healing properties, colostrum is known to trigger your body’s anti-aging response. Yes, you can squeal out your delight! The supplement catalyzes the regeneration process and improves health of any injured bone, cartilage, muscle, skin collagen or even a nerve tissue. Super rich with vitamins, minerals and all the vital amino acids, it lends you a healthy glow both outside and inside.

Other amazing health benefits

Its growth factors regulate certain chemicals of the brain to ensure an elevated and calm mood. Thus, it helps you in controlling your mood swings and developing a positive attitude. With it, you have booked the fountain of youth for yourself.

If you are a health buff, another bonus is that colostrum promotes burning of fats for fuel instead of muscle tissues and even helps retain lean muscles. No wonder, fitness trainers call it your best ally in your weight loss endeavour!

It not only improves the gut health of babies but of adults as well. Don’t be amazed if you suddenly find people walking up to you, enquiring about the secret to your healthy glow!


If you have been drinking milk since childhood and experienced no discomfort, you sure will not experience any when you consume colostrum loaded supplements too. The supplement has been tested many times and so far, no contra-indications, side effects or allergies have been evidenced by its consumption. Those with lactose intolerance may check with their family physicians before consumption.

Bottom line

The colostrum supplement has definitely proven its worth in fighting aging, diseases and restoring overall health and functionality of the body and mind. With little to no side-effects attributed to it, it’s time for you and other family members to embrace this nature’s blessing-in-disguise and laugh your way to a healthy and robust life.