Smart Foods for Smart Kids

Smart Foods for Smart Kids

When children get restless and hyperactive, some parents might let them off the hook from activities that require sitting down and concentrating. As a result, homework and study time becomes a tedious task for the kids as well as parents. Experts however, suggest that these patterns need to be observed carefully lest they should indicate a drop in your child's mental ability to focus or concentrate.

Depending on the age of the child, these can be quickly altered with the help of memory exercises and other physical activities.

Here are some simple foods that can turn out to be brain foods for your kids:

Citrus fruits

Yes, we all know that fruits should be lugged in by the dozen into the weekly menu. But if you've got a kid who seems to be having attention span problems, specifically size up the citrus fruit intake! Oranges, tomatoes, papaya, kiwis and even some leafy vegetables are rich sources of Vitamin C - which helps to retain focus and concentration.

Nuts and Legumes

Nuts such as almonds and pistachios are rich in Vitamin E - a wonder vitamin that boosts memory power. Vitamin E protects the nerve linings in the brain, thereby aiding the passing and retaining of information to and from the brain. Similarly legumes, including beans and lentils, are rich in Folate (Vitamin B9) that helps retain alertness of the mind.

Fatty Fish

Omega 3, found in fatty fish fortifies memory power and boosts general mental health. For vegetarians, this can be replaced by a daily, generous intake of dark leafy greens and soybeans.


Some special minerals like Zinc, iodine and Iron - crucial to improving cognitive functions, focus and concentration for your kids may not be present in sufficient amounts in your child's meal. In order to tackle this, you can consider supplements such as HiOwna Kidz - a herbal health supplement power packed with nutrients. Zinc, iodine and iron are part of the 22 nutrients that make up the supplement's composition - all wrapped in flavors that kids will love.

It is natural for kids to be more attracted to fun activities than books and homework. However, one cannot discount the need to discipline them in work that requires mental focus and concentration in this competitive age. If you are trying to identify a problem in this area, give them other tasks that require them to sit in a single place and concentrate - like puzzles, a coloring activity, drawing, counting, etc. and see how they fare.