Strengthening Your Child’s Immune System

Strengthening Your Child’s Immune System

Has a running nose, continual cough and cold, recurring fever and flu become part and parcel of your child’s daily life? Are you frustrated that all the fussing and caring for your little one has failed to ease his/ her discomfort and suffering? If yes, then you are not alone! You might have had a number of experts advising you to boost your child’s immune system, but in vain? Though you cannot alter genes, you can certainly adopt habits to boost the child’s immunity system. Let’s start getting enlightened on ‘how’. Stay hooked!

A child’s love for dirt does have a purpose

The urge in children to play and revel in dirt and an equally determined stance of yours to keep the child away from it is something that every kid can relate to While we certainly do not advocate living in filth, we definitely recommend doing away with the all-too-sterile environment. Recent studies suggest that bacteria, virus and even worms present in dirt can give your child’s immunity system a good workout Get smart by shunning those hand sanitizers and too much soap since they impede the robust development of your child’s immunity system and makes them susceptible to various allergies and health issues for most part of their lives. Next time, allow your child to romp in the playground freely while you capture endless memories of their stunts in photographs. However, do ensure that the area is free from poisonous contaminants like pesticides, poison ivy, etc.

Adequate sleep is the best defence

While sleep is important for all, it holds a level higher for kids. Did you know inadequate sleep actually increases your child’s chances of catching a cold? Quality sleep is essential for a growing child. Studies suggest that it actually boosts melatonin secretion, which in turn, strengthens the immunological memory - the core of a string acquired immunity system. Induce a relaxing environment with soft, dim lights while you hum a lullaby to pack your little one off to bed.

Nothing beats a fantastic well-balanced diet

No doubt, as a parent, you are continually striving to feed your child balanced and nutritious meals and snacks. Nutritional deficiencies can affect any individual but it can play havoc with your child’s immunity system and reduces its ability to ward off harmful bacteria and viruses. Your picky eater can further aggravate the problem. You actually have to come up with a few tricks to ensure that your child has a balanced, macrobiotic diet, loaded with a variety of fruits and veggies. Let’s look into some vital tips.

  • While you cannot eliminate the ever-so tasty processed packaged snacks like potato chips, cookies etc., they should definitely be the occasional treat. Additives, high sugar content, preservatives etc are responsible in diminishing your child’s immunity to fight off the endless array of germs and viruses.
  • Try feeding your child oodles of fruits, vegetables, fresh juices in fun and innovative ways so that he/she actually enjoys them. Silly shaped, healthy cookies, healthy dips of yogurt and honey, fruit smoothies are some tricks that you can keep up your sleeve
  • Another smart move would be to feed your child with probiotic nutritional supplements like HiOwna Kidz Ideal for children between two to 10, its unique herbal ingredients are a storehouse of essential micro and macro nutrients that has proved to work wonders on strengthening a child’s immunity system. Moreover, its lip smacking flavours are simply irresistible. Studies have also proved that it causes no side-effects.

Encourage exercise

Often you are satisfied that your child has got plenty of exercise by indulging in self play or playing outdoors with other children. Though it certainly is helpful, the need for an exercise routine cannot be overstressed. Similar to adults, exercises will improve the number of natural killer cells in your child’s body and might even inculcate the right fitness habit in them. Rather than just urge them to go outside and play, amp up some music and exercise with them. . It will not only boost your child’s immunity but also strengthen the bond you share. Fun time is just an added bonus.

Amidst all this, remember to keep your paediatrician in loop for some serious symptoms and to get the right dos and don’ts for your child. A slight conscious change from your side can gift the healthiest of immunity system and subsequently, a healthy life to your child.