The Growth Bean : Pea Protein

Pea proteins are the quiet sort of power that many don’t know about. Not only is it numero uno in hypoallergenicity, it is also packed with Branched Chain Amino acids (BCAA), the essential amino acids group that is important for maintaining gut health and building muscle mass.

This is especially important in growing children. These amino acids are the carriers of nitrogen that help formation of compounds needed for muscle action and energy production. BCAAs boost muscle growth increase stamina as well as burn body fat. There are three amino acids classified as BCAAs - leucine, valine and isoleucine. Pure pea protein is enriched with all three of these amino acids. This makes pea protein a complete source of BCAAs which can be easily absorbed by the growing muscles of children to make them strong and healthy.

The digestibility of pea proteins is between that of whey which is the quickest and casein, which is slower. This makes pea protein an equally good choice of protein which is assimilated by the body well and has the ability also to satisfy and feel full.

Pea protein also doesn’t have any allergenic ingredients. If your child has allergies or intolerance to whey, casein, egg proteins and even soy protein powders, pea protein could be a healthy replacement.

With 2016 being the International Year of the Pulses, eating pea proteins is one step closer to meeting your child’s protein needs in a desirable way!