The Power of the Healing Herb: Centella Asiatica

The Power of the Healing Herb: Centella Asiatica

To remember the benefits any natural produce can offer, you do not have to hit the books, just refer to its signature shape! One look at the leaves of Gotu kola or Centella Asiatica and you will intuitively guess that it benefits the brains. Revered for its mind enhancing capabilities, the herb is said to achieve the right balance between the right and left hemispheres of the brain. It is with this organ that all our body mechanics are interrelated, so you will not be surprised to learn that the herb helps cure much more than mental ailments.

Did you know?

Centella Asiatica was well-regarded by Indian yogis for its mystical properties and powerful healing agents. It was, at times, used as a sedative while at other times, used to aid in meditation. Gotu kola was also believed to give a peekaboo into past life recollection as the herb lends excellent mental clarity. Spiritual teacher Nanddo Narian, who lives to be 107, attributes the herb for his centenary and claimed it possessed excellent anti-aging benefits. All the claims were later ratified by scientific studies.

Why is it ideal for your hectic lifestyle?

Where competition and peer pressure starts from the tender age of five, you are subjected to prove your ability and proficiency at every turn. Known as a brain food, this powerful herb improves cerebral microcirculation, improves concentration and memory and offers anti-anxiety and anti-stress effects. Including a health supplement like HiOwna – the nutritional health supplement from Himalaya into your daily diet can help you stay energetic. With Centella Asiatica as one of its key ingredients, the drink has a soothing and stimulating effect on the nervous system which reduces stress.

How does it help you age gracefully?
  • Lack of quality sleep is the main cause behind signs of early aging; the herbs mild sedative effect helps you get your daily dose of beauty siesta.
  • It reduces muscle tension and relaxes the central nervous system, slowing down the effects of aging.
  • Enriched with a compound named “youth vitamin X" by the French, this bestowing herb works on the ductless glands of the body which acts as a deterrent against aging agents.
  • The herb helps reduce scarring, healing wounds, softening facial dermis and protecting the superficial layer./li>
  • With a calming effect on the scalp, it helps minimize any aggravations while promoting hair growth, lending you lustrous locks to flaunt.
Other benefits of Centella Asiatica

Are you already fascinated by the herb? Wait till you hear more, this powerful herb has a lot more to offer. Centella extracts help in the reduction of gastric ulceration and hastens the healing of wounds.

Oh! The high Blood Pressure

Grim statistic results reveal that hypertension has become a major risk factor for cardiovascular diseases in the country. The good news is Centella Asiatica extracts can help you regulate blood pressure. These herbs help the arteries and veins relax by increasing the amount of nitrous oxide in the body. Its enhancing properties have been used for over 3,000 years for treating hypertension. So why don’t you nip this ailment at its neck by adopting a healthy lifestyle with assistance from this frost-tender perennial plant.

Who doesn’t have Gastric trouble?

Erratic eating habits, crash dieting, preservative laden snacks and junk food are a few of the many disturbing habits that are sabotaging your gut and digestive system. This results in poor absorption of nutrients, infrequent bowel movements and formation of excessive gas in your body. Extracts of aqueous Centella go a long way in preventing the formation of gastric lesions that usually leads to stomachic ulcers. Regular intake of gotu kola extracts are alleged to reinforce the abdominal mucosal membrane layer that acts as a barrier to free radicals protecting your stomach.

Wounds can be treated too

Extracts of Centella have traditionally been used on an extensive basis for the treatment and quick healing of minor wounds. When applied topically, the chemical agent from the plant accelerates wound healing by promoting collagen synthesis, cellular growth and proliferation. Asiaticoside, one of the active ingredients of this herbaceous plant, plays a key role in speeding up wound healing by boosting angiogenesis. The herb also acts as a mild diuretic, shrinking swollen membranes, flushing out toxins and eliminating excess fluids.

Prevention of Cancer!

The word alone sends a shiver down the spine, right? This life-threatening disease paints a scary picture but if effective measures are adopted prematurely, you might just keep it at bay. Neoplastic carcinoma or skin cancers caused owing to unavoidable exposure to radioactive environments could be allayed and even prevented through treatment with Centella Asiatica. Consuming herbal formulations of gotu kola changes some genetic components of the cells which decreases the effect of the UV rays on your skin.

The therapeutic potential of Centella Asiatica is almost unlimited. There is clinical evidence to attest the miraculous curative prowess of this herbaceous plant. Include it in your daily dosage through guided medical formulations to avail its benefits in your everyday living.