Can Meal Planning help overcome Fussy Eating in Adults?

Can Meal Planning help overcome Fussy Eating in Adults?

Not yet developed a taste palate for exotic and not-so-exotic food? Well, everyone has a long list of foods that they are not keen on. The reasons could be varied – an aversion owing to the taste, texture or smell – that you just can't get yourself to abide. But what if the list of these dislikes make it difficult for you to get the required quota of nutrients your body needs? A limited diet can have life-altering consequences, so it is important to include right portions of vital elements. These essential vitamins and minerals assist your system in acquiring nutrients to promote overall well-being and help develop a robust immunity. So how can proper meal planning overcome these nutrient constraints set by fussy eating habits? Let’s explore.

Upgrade the recipe

A great way out is cooking your favourite recipes with a healthy twist. How about making whole wheat pastas or replacing some chocolate chips in your pancakes with blueberries? Remember to go slow in such a way that your taste buds are not feeling the earth shattering difference. For instance, you can easily replace paneer with tofu in any dish after it has been immersed in hot salt water for a minimum of two hours. It acquires the softness comparable to paneer but is far rich in proteins sans the high calorie count. Keep collecting snippets of such smart tricks from chefs, the internet and anywhere you smell it, to keep gorging on your favourite dishes minus the guilt conscience.

Alternative Nutrient Source

If your stomach churns at the very mention of some food items or you are averse to a particular ingredients’ smell or taste, don’t force it down your gut. Rather, you will find plenty of alternatives on the face of this earth which can be a great alternate contender to introduce the same nutrients. Understanding the role of various components, like fats, acids etc. encourage you to brainstorm no compromise deal-breaker ingredients with palatable alternatives. If you gag at dishes with spinach does not mean you will not be able to appreciate other greens like bok choy, sea weeds or kale. Any leafy greens will have pretty similar nutrients to offer.

Mix n’ Match “Eww & Wow”

Does your system revolt at the sight of milk? Mix chocolate syrup, blend and add a dash of nuts, voila! So you get the requisite nutrient quotient in a lip-smacking preferred choice. It is more of a balancing act between your hot favourites and cold compulsions. This helps gulp down right ingredients by indulging in mouth-watering toppings.

Healthy Snacking

Don’t stuff your pantry with empty calories, sugar-laden treats and ready-to-eat packs. Replace these hollow foods with some nutritious recipes. Swap potato cracker packs with homemade carrot chips, mayo dips with hummus and aerated drinks with fresh juices. You can’t show fussiness at the dining table and also not have hunger cravings for alternate options. Keeping these portable snacks ready in mason jars at eye level will help meet the nutrient requirements, curb hunger pangs and introduce new flavours!

Concealed treasures

The scope of all that you can hide in a recipe is stupendous! You could add beetroot in ketchups, carrots and bottle gourd pureed in tomato soup, or nuts in cakes. Add one or two teaspoons of wheat bran to the dough mixture whether making tortillas, parathas or tacos. Remember to explore your options on the World Wide Web to see how you can hide the goodness of nutrient-rich food in your next recipe.

Drink to Health

Beating old habits and expanding the taste buds is a Herculean task which can succeed only with your persistent endeavour. While you keep experimenting with meal plans and ingredients, you can adopt for herbal nutritional supplements like HiOwna. Enriched in macro and micro nutrient, an FDA approved herbal supplement like HiOwna bridges the nutritional gap. While scoring high on health benefits, it comes in palatable flavours to soothe the taste buds, sans any side effects!

So set a practical action plan instead of nagging adults with fussy eating habits to help them expand their taste horizons. Beating old habits can be a challenging endeavour, but with perseverance and support from family, it isn’t impossible.