Dietary supplements - Who needs them?

Dietary supplements - Who needs them?

You thought dietary supplements were only for the old and ageing? Well think again. When we were young, we had our mothers run behind us with mugs of milk, eggs, fruits and all the good stuff that kept our nutrition levels in place. Enter adulthood, and we know that food and nutrition for oneself is going to be last on the priority list, especially if we have a family to take care of. What most adults are not aware of is that adulthood calls for a special kind of nutrition. Here are some of the reasons why.

Natural decline of nutrient absorption

Once you've hit the 50s, the natural nutrition absorption levels of the body will start declining automatically. Due to this, intake of vitamin D, calcium and vitamin B12 needs to go up with age. According to experts, Vitamin B12 is best absorbed in its synthetic form. This is when you can start considering natural health supplements like Himalaya's HiOwna - a nutritional supplement power-packed with a range of herbal ingredients and vitamins that will fill in the nutrition gaps in your diet. HiOwna contains both micro and macronutrients that provide energy, improves immunity and regulates body functions at all physiological stages.

While raising a family

Women are often advised to size up their folic acid, iron, and vitamin B intake while planning to conceive and even during pregnancy. This is in order to prevent birth defects for the growing child inside.

Always on the run?

It's natural for working women and busy homemakers to feel they have no time for themselves. The demands and obligations expected from wives and mothers only seem to increase with each day. This, however, is no excuse for a poor diet or any imbalances in your nutrition. Pop a multi-vitamin or a cod liver oil tablet once in two days to make sure you don’t wear yourself out.

Nutrition supplements can interfere with any regular medication you are on. So it is best to consult your physician if you plan to try dietary supplements.