Freedom from fatigue

‘Why do I feel like I am run over by a bus, all the time?’ If that is a question you find asking yourself often, you might be guilty of too many late nights, long working days and no time to relax. If you are a hard worker, you are prone to face many day-to-day stressors which can pull you down. It is important to stay hydrated, have a healthy lifestyle and eat well.

Most often, eating well gets the last in their order of priority. While you may begin an evening walk, find a hobby you like to do, start working regular hours, you might forget to eat healthy. The cause of your fatigue and tiredness could be the lack of good quality proteins in your diet.

Proteins play an important role as a ‘building block’ for our body. Proteins help repair and replenish the body. They replace old worn out cells for new ones and gives structure to tissues which helps keeps you fresh and healthy. Every cell, tissue and organ in your body contains protein that also provides energy. Proteins not only help produce new cells, it also regulates hormones and enzyme functions, heal wounds and promote immune functions. The digestive process breaks down protein in food into amino acids which is the backbone of proteins. It is important to eat good quality proteins which contain all the essential amino acids required by the body in the right amounts.

When the body’s protein stores are depleted due to low protein intake it leads to muscle soreness, lethargy and weakness which will result in a run-down feeling. A longer term protein inadequacy in diet has severe consequences like hair loss, infections, stomach distress, fluid retention and muscle wasting.

HiOwna adults contains good quality proteins that helps give you that little extra that bridges your protein gap and helps ensure you get your proteins without worrying about ‘how’!