Habits that hurt your Immune System

Habits that hurt your Immune System

You never forget your hand sanitizer. You avoid sick people like the plague. And, yet you come down with a fever? Chances are you have a weak immune system. It turns out our simple habits can shut the body’s defence system making us susceptible to health issues. Nix these habits for a stronger immune system:

Avoid sleep deprivation

Scrimping on sleep is shutting the doors on your body’s germ fighters. Without adequate shut-eye, your immunity is compromised and your tolerance to withstand common bugs in the environment is lowered. You are at risk with not just heart disease and gastrointestinal problems, but changes in the carbohydrate metabolism makes you age faster. A minimum of 7-8 hours of sleep can help keep your antibodies active and alert.

Coming out of the Stress Trap

No doubt, stress is a major immune buster. Whether it is your boss giving you a hard time or you running out of makeup, such events overexpose your body to cortisol and other stress hormones. This, in turn, decreases the production of good prostaglandins, hormones that are anti-inflammatory and support the immune system. Too much stress also makes you more prone to diabetes, colds and flu. Activities like yoga, meditation, laughter and even a scented bath can help.

Avoid Sedentary Lifestyles

Yes, we all know it – 30 or more minutes of exercise can do wonders to your health. But, did you know that half an hour of exercise can sweep the white blood cells into circulation and boost your immune system. This indicates enhanced mood, better sleep quality, boosting your self-esteem and bringing the glow back to your skin, of course.

Quit Smoking

Whether you are a smoker or a passive smoker, the effects of smoking are severely detrimental to health. Heart disease, lung cancer, babies with low birth weights, asthma triggers, allergies and respiratory tract infections are some of the effects of smoking. Throw away those cigarette packs or take the help of those who care about you to get rid of the habit.

Avoid excess use of antibiotics and self-medication

Popping a pill every time you sneeze, are you? Frequent consumption of antibiotics suppresses the immune system, helps bacteria develop resistance, and thereby increases your odds of falling sick in the future. Remember to take a full course of antibiotics for bacterial infections. Try to fend off simple ailments like headache, colds or body pain with more natural remedies.

Adopt an Optimistic Outlook towards life

Taking on a bad attitude and thinking negatively is way easier than being optimistic. But did you know that being happy can actually strengthen your immune system? Also, staying positive can help you overcome fear, deal with stress and even exceed your expectations.

Junk the Junk Food

Eating fast foods can be delightful but they contain lots of calories with very little nutritional value. These foods are very low in their satiation value, which leads to overeating. Weight gain, heart ailments and diabetes are part of the depressing rundown. With simple practices like aiming for the rainbow palate, keeping only healthy stuff handy and developing mindful eating can help you dunk the junk.

Avoid Social Isolation

We get it - life gets busy and we somehow get socially isolated. Fewer human connections may increase stress hormones and we run a depression risk. Laughing, socializing and meaningful connections boosts the immune system that leads to overall well-being and health. Cold and flu viruses also stay away.

Make these lifestyle changes, and watch your immune system thrive.