Live your fifties to the fullest

Live your fifties to the fullest

Whether you like it or not, age is certainly more than a number. This reality gets uncomfortable as we glide past our 40s and into our 50s. Middle age brings a host of physiological changes in our body and calls for some extra attention to diet, exercise and lifestyle choices.

Some of the common ailments that affect middle aged men and women are diabetes, cholesterol, skin problems, hair loss and heart diseases. While some of these problems occur due to slowing down of organs, others are a result of poor diet and routines.

Whether you are almost there or you are already battling some of the above, here are a few tips that can cushion your landing into the golden 50.

When Slow doesn’t meet Steady

What you can't control is the natural slowing down of your body's metabolism as you age. However, the type of diet you follow goes a long way in regulating your metabolism and sustaining energy levels. In order to maintain a steady rate of metabolism, older adults need to ensure they burn calories by going for regular walks and consuming less of fatty foods and more of fibers. Opt for more nutrient-rich foods than calorie-dense foods like sweets and baked goodies.

Bones and muscle

Due to the natural degeneration of bones and muscle tissue during old age, minerals like calcium, potassium, Vitamin B12 and D top the list of essential nutrients for adults. As you grow older, your digestive system gradually loses its ability to absorb these nutrients from the food you consume. This gives rise to conditions like osteoporosis that weakens bones. Hence, it is recommended to try nutritional health supplements like Himalaya's HiOwna - a blend of natural herbs, vitamins and minerals. HiOwna is all natural, is made up of components that aid the digestion process and also makes up for the lack of essential nutrients in your diet. A single serving of HiOwna contains up to 150 mg of calcium - a sure shot step towards getting your calcium quota for the day.

Pump up the Immunity

A perfectly functional immune system may suddenly start to underperform as you grow older. This is but a natural process and nothing to be alarmed about. The best way to pump up your immunity is to consume more of anti-oxidant rich food such as oranges, broccoli, cabbage, avocado and beetroots. Simply rinse and chop them into a salad or sauté them into your afternoon lunch curry. Chewable Vitamin C tablets and multivitamin tablets are also a good addition to ensure you meet your needs. As you step into your 50s, you may be overwhelmed by the sudden changes visible in your body however, none of this should alarm you or force you into a crash diet or an extreme work-out routine. Instead, take things slow and start with a healthy, balanced diet plan and light exercises.