Quality of Protein Does Matter

Quality of Protein Does Matter

Proteins are essential nutrients that specifically function in the body to build new cells, help replace old worn out cells and are considered the ‘building blocks’ for the body. Proteins are made up of as many as 20 amino acids, most of which are made in the body to meet our body’s needs. However, there are 8 amino acids which are essential as they cannot be made in the body and needs to come from the food we eat. The more number of essential amino acids present in the right amounts in the food, better is the quality of the protein.

Generally, proteins from animal sources are considered of good quality as they contain all essential amino acids in the right amounts needed by the body. Examples are dairy products like curds, milk and animal products like eggs and meat. Among the milk proteins, whey proteins are easy to digest and contain good quality proteins. Soya protein and pea protein are rich sources of plant protein. They are a great asset to vegetarians and take medium time to digest.

When proteins lacking in one or more essential amino acids is combined with another that is abundant in it, the quality of the protein is naturally improved and eating them together, or ‘complementing’ each other seems to remove the issue of not enough good quality proteins in a person’s diet. The most common way is by combining our day to day meals with complementary proteins. This is not a difficult task but, one that requires thought.

It appears that our ancestors had given it a thought! The Indian diet has a variety of foods that contain proteins that complement each other in our daily meal like rice/ chapatis with dal, curds, meat and vegetables. Yet, with all the thoughtfulness of our ancestors, we find that in the modern day fast paced life we have little time to cook, let alone balance it with all the components that make a complementary protein.

HiOwna products are built on the understanding that quality of proteins matters! It provides you with the right amount of good quality proteins by combining whey proteins from milk, skim milk proteins with soy proteins and pea proteins from plant sources which has the right balance of complementary proteins that your body needs in one product.

When it comes to quality, if you’re having HiOwna, you can be rest assured!