Shopping smart for groceries

Shopping smart for groceries

Want to know what's more to shopping groceries than money-saving coupons? The power of choice gives you the freedom to ignore the unhealthy pick-me-up foods and choose only the good-for-you foods. Healthy eating starts with healthy groceries and a well-planned trip to the store. Not only can it help you keep your diet resolves but also keep you from rushing out for last-minute ingredients.

Spend more time at the 'Produce' section

Processed foods contain less than half the nutritional value of fresh foods, sometimes nil. So spend time taking stock of what’s available in the fresh foods section - namely fruits, vegetables, meat and fish. In most places, the produce section will have discounted rates for the seasonal fruits and veggies. Let this be your motivation to try out that pink turnip or purple spinach you’d usually walk past.

Picking foods for your diet

If you're on a diet plan, try sectioning your grocery list according to the food type. For example, list them as 'Carbs', 'Protein', 'Dairy' and so on, so that you can make a rough calculation of your weekly intake of each, before you hit the aisles.

Explore a little more

Most of us prefer the tried and tested brands during grocery shopping. While this saves up on time, you could be missing out on a lot of newly-launched healthier variants. Your current brand of yoghurt might have introduced a "low fat" or "fruity" variant and you could be oblivious to it. Watch out for the variants among all the branded foods that you buy as they might have a healthy, sweet surprise in store for you.

Convenience spells unhealthy

A full-time job and kids in the house is enough reason to pick packaged foods and save some time and energy in the kitchen. However, most often these have lower nutrition value than you think. Granola bars, for example, may seem like the perfect on-the-go breakfast but also contains sugars and preservatives that are harmful. Always read the label on the back to know how much of nutrition each box is going to cost you and your family.

No matter how well we plan, every grocery shopping trip is going to cover our complete nutrition needs up till the last detail. If this is a concern, try buying natural diet supplements like Himalaya's HiOwna, and fill in the gaps!