Stay in the Stress Free Zone

We all get caught up in the humdrum of daily life. While routine can be stressful, new activities may cause anxiety. Stress can be a constant companion in our lives, like a shadow that follows us everywhere and in everything we do! Yet, we can all work to reduce our stress as it tends to give us headaches, to say the least, and sometimes more than that. High stress levels can bring down immunity and make you catch an infection sooner. Stress may link to an illness like diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease.

Worrying about stress is not a good thing! Being stressed can also be stressful! Many different types of advice have been given to bust stress from simple physical exercises like walking or more cerebral activities like reading, yoga, meditation and even having a hearty laugh in a laughter club! All these techniques are known to help but, have you tried to see what your food can do to help?

Our foods contain many natural substances that stimulate stress busting hormones and those that calm and soothe you. For example, the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda talk about foods that heal among which reducing stress, rejuvenating and relaxing are common desired effects of natural herbs. HiOwna, an Ayurvedic drink specially designed to help rejuvenate, has herbs like Amla(Amalaki) and Kalaya (Peas). Amla has significant anti-stress activities against a number of behavioral, biochemical, and physiological changes in the system that can be brought on by unpredictable stress. Kalaya or peas, provides strength to the body and also nourishes. Kharjura another ingredient, nourishes the tissues, promotes strength and helps in body building. It also helps in quick healing of injuries, alleviates emaciation and helps to overcome the stress. Kshira , or milk is rich in good quality proteins that helps in replacing worn out tissues and contains many immunity enhancing compounds that protects and heals.

Just take a quick cuppa of HiOwna and say good bye to stress!