The natural road to recovery

The natural road to recovery

While we're very grateful for all the advances made in the medical field, our generation has been bereft of the natural, beautiful art of convalescence. Vitamin pills have replaced long walks in the sun and swift anti-biotics have replaced long sips of rich herby broth. An assortment of medicines may get you back on your feet quickly but does nothing much for your immunity in the long run.

A sudden sickness - be it a cold or a lung disease - most often points to a dent in your immune system caused by lack of rest, proper nutrition or exercise. When your body is protesting in the form of an illness, it's time to stop and give it some or all of the below.


Clock in a minimum of 7 hours of straight, quality sleep. Go back to the circa routines of winding up your day when the sun sets, an early dinner, sleep and waking up to the sunrise. Quality sleep also means plugging out your gadgets, getting some good air circulation in the room and deep, uninterrupted sleep.


Constant water intake with salts contributes greatly to the natural process of convalescence. A glass of hot water with turmeric, lime, a pinch of salt and sugar has restorative properties that can go a long way in the body's natural healing. Remember the natural healing methods may take longer but builds a stronger resistance the next time a virus floats close by.


Small, frequent feeds are the best diet to adopt while you're recovering from an illness. Depending on the type of sickness or injury, get a dietician to prescribe the right blend of soups, fruits, herbs and carbohydrates. One has to be even more selective in the type of non-vegetarian foods consumed as these are heavier on the digestive system. The ideal order of preference should be fruits, followed by veggies, soups, carbs and meats. With its weighty composition of minerals, vitamins and fibers, fruits nourish the body while staying light on the stomach. Adults who have undergone surgeries or are recovering from serious illnesses can consider all-natural supplements like Himalaya's HiOwna to speed up the recovery process. HiOwna has a unique combination of macro and micro nutrients that aid the repairing of muscle tissue and improves immunity.


Light exercises like walking and basic stretches help keep your muscles from stiffening due to the long hours of rest during the convalescence period. However, one needs to pay close attention to your body's response to exercise during this time. It is difficult to determine how much is too much for a convalescing patient. If you feel energised after the exercise, keep at it on a daily basis. If you feel tired and exhausted, it is better to put it off for later.

Our human bodies are the most complex, yet most adaptive systems in the world. Sometimes, a little extra care and time is all you need to restore it back to normalcy.