Trick your body into sleeping better

Trick your body into sleeping better

Having a tough time sleeping at night? Being sleep deprived will not only leave you feeling grumpy, but can also have damaging effects on both your physical and psychological well-being. The good news is that there are many ways to help you tackle this problem. Read on to find out the top few that have proven to help induce sleep.

Watch what you eat/drink

Nightcaps, i.e. having a small amount of hot or alcoholic beverage, can most certainly put you to sleep faster. The flipside of nightcaps - disturbed sleep, unpleasant snoring and disrupted dreams. Avoid drinking anything just before bedtime, except a glass of water, in case you feel thirsty. Also, having a light snack rich in carbohydrates, such as a banana or a toast will help you sleep better.

Don’t strain your eyes

Any bright light can disturb your sleep pattern, more so, in the case of blue light that is emitted from computers, televisions, smartphones, LED lighting and other gadgets. In case you can’t avoid using them, turn down the brightness and maintain at least 30 cms distance between the device and your eyes. You can also try a night light with a dim red bulb since melatonin production is not suppressed by red light. If you’re wondering, melatonin is a light-sensitive hormone located near the centre of the brain which helps you feel drowsy when activated.

Lavender essence

Many studies have proven that the scent of lavender calms those who suffer from anxiety and insomnia. The smell induces a slow-wave sleep pattern where muscles relax and heartbeats slow down. Pick up a lavender diffuser or oil and place it in your bedroom.

Sweat it out

A minimum of two and half hours of aerobics like a brisk walk or an hour and a half of cardio like running should increase your chances of sleeping at night. You can also try yoga in case you’re not much of an outdoor person. A few yoga poses, among others, that may induce sleep includes:

  • Uttanasana, the standing forward bend: Stand with your feet together, then hinge forward from the hips towards your feet with your palms placed flat next to them
  • Savasana, the corpse pose: Lie on your back comfortably, then close your eyes and take deep breaths while you allow your entire body to relax

Customize your room

Set your room temperature just over 18 degree Celsius. Your body temperature is neutral at this degree and will not have to make an effort to cool down if it’s too hot or produces heat in case it’s too cold. Wear a pair of socks to bed if your feet have a tendency to get chilled.

Have a good night’s rest with these simple and easy-to-do tips.